Gourmet Cheeses and milks

Located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Blue Bay produces handmade and award-winning dairy products from farm-fresh and locally sourced milk from grass-fed livestock.

Blue Bay prides itself on our delicious, quality and healthy products, and is driven by the principles of simplicity, freshness and time-honoured tradition.

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Cheese, Dairy, Cow, Goat, Kefir, Vintage, Cheese, Cheddar, Sichuan pepper and chilli, Citrus and ginger, Marinated cow fetta, Yoghurt, Gruyere, Brie, Quark, Smoked, Goat Fetta, Goat Haloumi, Goat Mozarella, Caprino, Kefir, Fermented Dairy Drink

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