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Miss Kenny lovingly handmakes earrings to suit every mood and season. Each set a fashion miniature you’ll be proud to wear in and out of season. These gem-like creations create the mood and the vibe is all positive, sophisticated, and even downright sassy. Call into Norwich plaza and say hi.

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Handmade Earrings, ‘Pop’ Stud Earrings, Natural Dangles, Natural Stud Earrings, ‘Pop’ Dangle, Themed Earrings, Christmas Earrings, Animal Earrings, Australian Earrings, Australiana, Food-Themed Earrings, Geometric Earrings, Nature Themed Earrings, Nerd Themed Earrings, Object Inspired Earrings, Natural Brooches, Retro Earrings, Shop Earrings, enjoy shopping at the Bridge Market!

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