Robinvale Estate

Robinvale Estate produces the freshest most delectable extra virgin olive oil imaginable. Their mission is “To create delicious foods with the aim of making every meal a delectable journey”.

Oils produced by Robinvale are of the highest standard. The blends of ingredients used with their oil originate from the deep foodie imagination of Kim Natale. Her intimate knowledge of the qualities of the product means she knows exactly how to intrigue your taste buds.

How does Robinvale ensure you get the best quality oils on the market?

This superior oil comes from harvesting at the peak of the season. Harvested in April, the olives are freshest and full of nutrients and antioxidants. Once harvested the extraction takes place within 24 hours.

The extra virgin olive oil is ‘cold pressed’. Heat or additives are not used in the extraction process. This preserves the original qualities of the oil. Extra virgin oil is pure, unfiltered, and unrefined. Robinvale oil retains the highest levels of beneficial antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. Meaning it’s very good for you.

The product range is vast. Products include Agrumato oil (lemon or citrus fusion oil), caramelised balsamic, salad dressings, dukkah, jams & paste, dried fruit, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil body products, and more. With many individual products in each of these categories. Check out the Robinvale online store

Stan (pictured) gave us some chili and garlic verjuice to try at the last market. He was right, it’s an irresistible blend that we have used on every salad we have made since then. We will be back for more.

Tasting the difference between these oils and the oils available in supermarkets is easy. Ballarat market visitors can talk to Stan at the market, try samples, and if they mention this blog post, receive a 10% discount on their Robinvale shop. Thank you, Stan!