OyShii Mushrooms

This market we are very happy to welcome OyShii Mushrooms and their amazing range of mushrooms and mushroom products.

OyShii Mushrooms grows and produces mushrooms and mushroom products from their urban farm located in Melton South, about 70 km from Ballarat.

The bulk of their trade is in fresh gourmet mushrooms and supplements such as tinctures and mushrooms powders.

The mushrooms they grow and sell at markets include; Oyster mushrooms varieties, shiitake, and lion’s mane. These are sold in 200g packs either in single packs or mixed packs.

Another very popular product of OyShii Mushrooms is their mushroom tinctures. Tinctures are a concentration of herbal extracts made by soaking specific plants in alcohol for a few weeks.

These are produced in small batches using mushrooms grown at their farm. As they make the tinctures themselves, they have full control over the final product in order to ensure maximum potency and ethical preparation.

For customers who would like to experience the joy of growing mushrooms at home, OyShii offers fully inoculated grow bags that on average yield approximately 1kg of mushrooms.

Oyshii maintains clean, all-year-round production of mushrooms. Grown indoors in their fully temperature and humidity-controlled environment which produces consistent yields of mushrooms in and out of season.

All of their mushroom products are handmade in small batches in-house to ensure the best quality for their customers.

OyShii Mushrooms stocks

Shiitake – dry, powder, salt, crisps, and tincture

Reishi – dry, powder and tincture

Lion’s mane – powder and tincture

Chanterelle – dry and tincture

Porcini – dry and salt

Turkey tail – powder

Oyster mushroom – dry Marinated mushrooms – button and oyster mushroom

Smoked mushrooms

Grow at-home kits

Ready to eat and takeaway food

Oyster mushroom soup
Crumbed mushrooms
Mushrooms arancini
Nutella arancini

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