Tully’s Cakes

Christmas puddings originated in the 14th-century as a porridge-like treat, originally known as “frumenty”, which bears little resemblance to the Christmas puddings of today. It was the Victorians who fine tuned the recipe into the traditional Christmas pudding we all know and love today. A sweet and spicy, fibre rich dessert filled with anti oxidants. It takes a lot of skill and fine quality ingredients to make truly excellent Christmas cakes and puddings.

That’s why we’re pleased to have Tully’s Cakes and Puddings at THE BRIDGE MARKET. Tully’s Christmas cakes melt in your mouth and are ‘oh so moreish’. Tully’s Cakes started in Hamilton, Victoria, in 1999 and soon the people of Hamilton knew the place to come for the cake or pudding needed to complete their Christmas feast. Tully’s Cakes have since been passed down the generations.

Quality over quantity. Tullys Christmas cakes and puddings are now baked in small batches in their Ballarat kitchen. They try to source as much as possible from Australian growers and look for organic, palm oil-free fruit and free-range dairy products to use in both their cakes and puddings.

If you are looking for a truly tasty Christmas cake or pudding, try Tully’s. You’ll be supporting a local business with an honest and sustainable approach to quality local made food. Their packaging is either compostable, recyclable or reusable, right down to their cling film.

They’ll also have a selection of mini cakes, puddings and scrumptious rum balls in Christmas gift box assortments available at our Christmas edition market. They make the perfect gift for a foodie in your life this Christmas.

To find out more about Tully’s Cakes and Puddings visit Tully’s Cakes