Moorabool River Beef 🥩

Have you tried grass-fed free-range beef? 🐄

You may ask what’s the difference between grain-fed and grass-fed beef?

There’s a lot of difference, grass-fed beef has a rich flavour and is lower in saturated fat, than grain-fed beef. If you’re after a more satisfying meat dish try 100% grass-fed beef.

We are lucky to have amazing quality beef from Moorabool River Beef at our market every month.

Come and meet Joanna & David Nelson, who raise superb quality beef on their picturesque farm 🌳🌳 🏡🌳🌳 in Meredith, Victoria, along the Moorabool River.

Moorabool River Beef’s farming practices aim to produce happy and healthy beef cattle raised in a natural, stress-free environment. The cattle graze freely on their 2000 acre property and are 100% grass-fed.

Cattle are individually selected 🐮 for processing and butchered on-farm in their licensed processing facility. The meat is then cut and packed by David and Jo (and their butcher) and is sold direct to you! They oversee the entire process from birth to plate. You will taste the difference.

You’ll love the variety of cuts available from premium steaks, slow cooking pieces, roasts, mince, sausages, and 🍔 burgers. Their burgers and sausages are super tasty with less saturated fat than standard versions. Try grass-fed beef and taste the difference.😋