White Swan Eggs

Why are White Swan eggs more than just ‘Free Range’? Whats the difference? Their hens are rotationally moved across the landscape on their farm using portable chicken coops (also known as chicken caravans or tractors). This has many benefits for hen health, environment and the end product of their pasture raised eggs.

The hens have significantly increased foraging opportunities compared to a conventional free range hen. They have frequent access to new ground, a treasure trove of insects, bugs and other goodies to be discovered by the ladies. A major reason why they White Swan Free Range Eggs use a rotational based system is to provide their pastures with rest. This allows time for the grass, small herbs to recover fully, it also provides a mosaic or patchwork affect across the farm which is vital for ecosystem function and local biodiversity.

Providing the hens with a variety of nutritious sources means superior egg quality and Flavour. It is well documented that pasture raised eggs are highly nutritious, significantly more than a hen which is locked up inside a shed or limited access to quality forage. One of the key reasons is the hens spend a greater amount of time out in natural sunlight and on fresh green pastures which they consume. White Swan Free Range eggs have a greater amount of Vitamin D, imparted into the egg at a rate of about three to four times than that of a standard free range egg. They’re also higher in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Omega-3s, lower in Cholesterol and Saturated fat! All of these extra nutrients have a strong correlation with flavour.

White Swan Free Range Eggs are produced from a stocking density of 85 hens per hectare. Way less than the RSPCA standard requirement of 1,500 hens per hectare. This significantly reduces stress on each hen. They do not have to compete for food, shelter and perching space, without the build-up of manure which has been proven to taint the flavour of eggs with the high ammonia gases released when it anaerobically decomposes or rots. So you can taste the difference in the egg.

Their management techniques are environmentally sustainable and ethical. White Swan eggs are fully chemical free in the way the eggs are produced, which means you receive a highly natural egg, produced the way nature intended. Happy hens will produce the best product. White Swan eggs like to think of their production system as HenCentric. Come along to our market held on the first Saturday of each month and buy some local free range eggs from White Swan Free Range Eggs and taste the difference.